Instructions for authors

The official Congress languages are Portuguese / Spanish and English. The oral presentation will be made in Portuguese / Spanish or English. However, the support material to the presentation (slideshow) should be bilingual Portuguese / English or Spanish / English. Papers submitted in Portuguese or Spanish must be complemented, in the final stages of the review process, with an English version. English papers submitted need not be subjected to another version.

The submission of papers is done electronically through the conference management system EasyChair, which can be accessed from the "Paper Submission" area.

To proceed with the submission, prepare the submission according to the following documents:

Template for papers (Portuguese | English) (Click to download)
Checklist for paper submission (Portuguese | English) (Click to download)

Please note that the initial submission MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUTHORS OR ANY OTHER ELEMENTS OF IDENTIFICATION. This information should be included only in the revised final version, after acceptance of the work as described below.


Submission categories
Full papers or posters with short paper may be submitted.

Full papers
Full papers should be between 6 and 10 pages (about 2500-4000 words, including figures, tables and references) and should be formatted according to the congress template. These works will be orally presented at the conference.

Poster with short paper
Short papers should be 2-4 pages (approximately 1500 words, including figures, tables and references).

Review Process
All papers submitted will undergo a blind review process carried out at least by two members of the CIMODE Scientific Committee. The review criteria are as follows
- Novelty
- Validity of conclusions
- Industrial or application perspective
- Formal qualities of the work.

Stage 1: The authors submit papers electronically in one of two categories (full paper or poster with short paper). Papers should be submitted in unsecured PDF. At this stage the items MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUTHORS OR ANY OTHER ELEMENTS OF IDENTIFICATION.

Stage 2: The electronic submission for the final version and English version of the approved articles is opened. These versions are "camera-ready" unsecured PDF, and now must include information about the authorship of the article. The final paper and its English version must be submitted. If the original paper is already in English, is not necessary to submit the paper in another language. At this point, the authors are also requested to submit a copyright form that will be provided.

In the case of full papers, a PDF document containing the name of the author who will make the presentation and a short biography (3-4 sentences maximum) must now be submitted as an attachment.

In the case of posters with short papers, instructions for the preparation of the posters will be given.


For each registered participant a maximum of two communications will be included in the congress, and in the case of registered students, one paper maxmum. These participants may be co-authors of other works, provided that they are linked to another registration record.

For each extra paper, an additional fee according to the table presented here will be charged.

All accepted papers will be published in a electronic book of proceedings (eBook) with ISBN, provided they are received within the appropriate deadline and respect the defined formatting rules. The proceedings of the congress will be distributed to participants during the event.


The work published in this congress will be made available on open access, on the congress site, at the end of the congress, and are licensed under a Creative Commons License - Attribution-Noncommercial-Ban conducting Derivative Works 3.0 License.


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