Information for preparation of presentations and posters


The authors will be allowed 15 minutes for presentation. At the end of the session, a period of qustions and discussion will take place. The presenting authors should remain for this discussion.

The format of the presentations is free. Presentation is made in one of the official languages of the Conference. The multimedia content presented must be in the original language of the article and in English, if this is not the original language.

The rooms will be equipped with a personal computer and multimedia projector capable of playing Powerpoint presentations or PDFs. For other contents, e.g. videos, please contact us in advance so that we can prepare the appropriate software.

The authors should arrive at the room 15 minutes before the start of the session in order to copy the presentation to the available computer. The session chair and conference staff will be present to take care of this. We recommend testing the presentations before the session and bring a version of the presentation in PDF.
The presenting author should provide the session chair with a mini-CV having two or three sentences referring the author's academic background and research interests. This text should be printed.

There is no need to send any information before the Congress.



The posters should be prepared in A0 size, according to the template which can be downloaded here. The template only contains a CIMODE header, article title and authors. The remaining formatting is free. However, the poster should contain an abstract in the original language of the article and the translation of the abstract into English, if not the original language.

The authors should place their posters on the morning of May 21st.Conference staff will be on site to support this process. At the times scheduled for poster sessions, authors should remain besides their posters.

There is no need to send any information before the Congress.