Executive Commitee

University of Buenos Aires

President: Decano Luis Bruno

Vice-Presidents: Marcela De Zen / Andrea Saltzman 

University of Minho

President: Ana Cristina Broega

Vice-President: Joana Cunha


President: Kathia Castilho 

Vice-President: Mônica Moura



Organizing Commitee

University of Buenos Aires: Luis Bruno, Marcela De Zen, Homero Pellicer, Valeria Melon, Laura Zambrini, Andrea Saltzman, Pablo Salomone, Laura Reynés
University of Minho: Ana Cristina Broega; Joana Cunha; Bernardo Providência; Helder Carvalho; António Dinis Marques

ABEPEM: Mônica Moura; Kathia Castilho, Evelise Anicet, Cristiane Mesquita 

The University of Minho, through the Textile Engineering Department, was pioneer in Portugal offering a master study program in Design and Marketing, in the areas of Textile Design and Clothing, with more than 20 years of experience in research in this scientific area. In addition to the Master in Design and Marketing, the Textile Engineering Department, is currently responsible for a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing and a Master's degree in Fashion Communication Design. The research activities of the Department are carried out within the Centre for Textile Science & Technology (2C2T), a Center which in the last evaluations, has consecutively earned the classification of Excellent Research Center.

ABEPEM - Brazilian Association of Studies and Research is responsible for the leading Fashion academic/scientific events in Brazil. ABEPEM promotes studies and research through conferences, seminars and academic and institutional partnerships. Organizes the Fashion Colloquium, presently in its 8th edition, the Forum of Fashion Schools, the International Seminar in Consumer Studies and Research (SIEP) in partnership with the Brazilian Merchandising Institute (IMB), and the Costume Seminar.

From the synergies between the University of Minho and ABEPEM was born the desire to create an international platform for research exchange in the field of Fashion and Design, and this resulted in CIMODE. CIMODE is a biennial congress to be held in several European countries and Latin America that had its first edition in Portugal, 2012, and the second in 2014 in Italy. The third edition will be organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) of the University of Buenos Aires.

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) of the University of Buenos Aires, links five areas of Design born since 1985: Textile and Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Audiovisual Design and Landscape Design. It has a very wide range of lectures (over 320) for its more than 26,000 students.
As a free public academic institution, it links these degree courses with continuing education graduate specialization courses, Masters and PhD, university extension activities related to the community, as well as the accreditation and ongoing research support from their research centres, Institutes and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The University of Buenos Aires will celebrate its Bicentenary in 2021, ranking among the top 200 institutions of higher education in the latest edition of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

Scientific Committee

President of the Scientific Committee by UBA: Laura Zambrini
President of the Scientific Committee by UM: Joana Cunha
President of the Scientific Committee by ABEPEM: Kathia Castiho

Member List


Graphical Design:

Bernardo Providência


General Secretary:

Helder Carvalho