Call for papers

We call for submission of high quality work for CIMODE 2016, focusing on relevant, original and previously unpublished research. Submitted papers should fall into one of the six thematic areas proposed by the congress.
All accepted papers will be published in an electronic proceedings book (eBook) with ISBN, provided they are received within the appropriate deadline and are formatted according to the CIMODE template and author guidelines.
The proceedings of the congress will be published online in the congress site.




1.Fashion and Communication

Fashion discourses and imaginaries
Fashion discourses and the body
Visual rethorics and semiotics of fashion
Fashion as communication
Strategic communication of fashion: processes and strategies
Fashion photography: practice and representations
Cinema and beauty culture
Fashion magazines: production and consumption.
Fashion magazines, symbolic power and beauty
Fashion magazines, gender differences and social power
Fashion and the new media: creativity and control
Fashion and performance
Fashion and costume in the arts and in the media

2.Fashion, Identities and Cultures

Material culture and fashion
History of fashion
Fashion, subcultures and styles
Fashion and urban spaces
Fashion and national cultures
Fashion and globalisation
Global fashion, tradition and appropriation
Fashion, consumer practices and everyday life
Fashion cultures
Fashion, technoscience and everyday life
Technoscience, arts and fashion
Fashion practices and youth cultures
Fashion and consumer culture

3.Product Design

Innovative processes
Materials and innovation
Technique and technology
Valor local numa dimensão global Local value in a global dimension
Service,fashion and innovation
Innovation and creativity in fashion
Fashion design and product quality
Fashion design and delocalised production
Eco-design and sustainable design
Textile materials as Fashion value

4.Marketing and Consumption

Neuro marketing in fashion
The fashion market in the 21st century: threats and opportunities;
Brand communication in the present market context;
Market trends and fashion trends: convergences and divergences;
Visual merchandising
Fashion consumer behaviour
Culture of fashion and consumption
Fashion marketing strategies
Fashion retail
Future scenarios of the fashion market
Fashion branding

5.Teaching and Education

Teaching experiences in fashion
Fashion, education and profession
Fashion design and educational system
Teaching methodologies in the design
Tools and Fashion design

6.Sustainability in Fashion and Design

Eco-design in clothing, shoes and fashion accessories
Sustainability in clothing, shoes and fashion accessories design
Sustainable fashion materials
Design and production: Business models and project startegies (social)
Innovation through sustainable fashion design
Sustainable creative industries in fashion design
Ethical fashion: strategies of sustainability and of social responsability
Product-Service-System (PSS): Design for sustainability in fashion